Terrain in Chesières

Au Recard

CHF 460’000.- | room(s) | 1’151 m2 | Ref 87104

1885 Chesières

Terrain in Chesières
Land located in the center of the village of Chesières, close to all amenities, near the gondola while enjoying a panoramic view of the Alps.

 The plot, about 1'151m2, is entitled to authorization for the establishment of a building of 160 m2 on the ground with 3 floors on basement and 3 outside parking spaces.

Excerpts from the partial assignment plan E.C.V.A: (Ecovets-Chesières-Villars-Arveyes)

- The non-contiguous order is mandatory. - Above the landscaped ground, the depth of the party walls must not exceed 15 meters. - The distance between the non-terraced facades and the boundary of the adjoining property is at least 6 meters. This distance is doubled between buildings located on the same property.
- The height of the facade facing downstream, measured from the ground laid out at the ridge, does not exceed 13.20 m. The length of the largest facade does not exceed 22 m, even for buildings built in contiguous order or with a setback. - Rubbish according to art. 68 is calculated from the 4th level, the ground floor counting for the 1st level. - Residential buildings must be built in accordance with the provisions applicable to cottages.
- The basement of the chalets is in masonry, in the above-ground part, the wood is predominant in the surface of the facades. - The buildings are made of planks, with checks or with "chalets chalets" pavement placed horizontally, with false check marks at the corners.
- As a rule, the elements of balcony railings, etc., are laid vertically.



Living surface

1’151 m2





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