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Terrain in Chesières

Haut de Chesières

CHF 320’000.- | room(s) | 1’263 m2 | Ref 978838

1885 Chesières

Terrain in Chesières
Plot of land situated in the heights of Chesières, in the direction of Les Ecovets, a few minutes drive from the centre of Villars and all facilities, enjoying a quiet location and a superb panoramic view of the Alps.


Extracts from the regulations of the partial plan of allocation E.C.V.A : (Ecovets-Chesières-Villars-Arveyes), the plots are located in ZONE DE CHALETS A :

- These zones are intended for individual or collective housing, trade and crafts.

- Within the authorised volume, the number of dwellings per building is not limited. However, in the hatched area, the number of dwellings is limited to 6 per building.

- The non-contiguous order is mandatory.

- The distance between the facades and the limit of the neighbouring property is at least 8 metres. This distance is doubled between buildings on the same property.

- The height of the facade facing downstream, measured from the built-up area to the ridge, shall not exceed 11.80m. The length of the longest façade shall not exceed 22m.

- The embouchure according to art. 68 is calculated from the 3rd level, the ground floor counting as the 1st level.

- The surface area of the building plots shall be at least 1,000m2, with one residential building per plot or per fraction of a plot of at least 1,000m2.

- The proportion between the built-up area and the surface of the land shall not exceed 1/8.

- The surface area of a dwelling shall not be less than 50m2.

This document has no contractual value, the information presented is only indicative and does not constitute a contract.



Living surface

1’263 m2





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