Terrain in Ollon VD

Terrain Ollon - Chemin des Vergers

CHF 401’000.- | room(s) | 802 m2 | Ref 344848

1867 Ollon VD

Terrain in Ollon VD
Plots , facing south, 5 minutes drive from the motorway lanes, the village center, and 2 minutes walk from the college. The environment is calm, enjoying excellent sunshine and panoramic views of the Vaud Alps.

The plot is in zone A villa settlement Ollon Orchards.

Extract of the regulation:
In this zone, the construction of villas is only allowed, for single-family housing housing up to two dwellings. The minimum building area is 800m2 with only one main building per plot. The minimum distance "d" between the facades and the limit of the neighboring property or the public domain, if there is no alignment plan, depends on its largest dimension in plan "a":
- if "a" is less than 12m "d" = 6m
- if "a" is greater than 12m, "d" = a / 2
Between buildings located on the same property, distances are added together. Subject to section 7, the non-contiguous order is mandatory.
The built-up area may not exceed 1/8 of the total area of the plot, ie 96 m2 on the ground.

One plot of 802 sqm = Sfr 401'000.--

This document has no contractual value, the information presented is only indicative and does not act as a contract.



Living surface

802 m2





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